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October 1998

Thursday 1st Kill Your TV
Friday 2nd Solitary Confinement
Tuesday 6th Happy Days
Wednesday 7th Dogism?
Thursday 8th Confused? You will be...
Friday 9th Meatball Stew(pid)
Sunday 11th From the porch of life
Monday 12th (Thanksgiving) Home Away From Home
Wednesday 14th Apologies In Advance
Thursday 15th Flying Time
Friday 16th To be continued...
Monday 19th Vapid ramblings
Tuesday 20th While I was sleeping
Wednesday 21st Work in progress
Thursday 22nd Ouch!
Sunday 25th Dr Do Little
Monday 26th Question
Tuesday 27th Price Of Admission
Wednesday 28th Picture this
Thursday 29th Life, uncontrollable
Friday 30th Halloweenies
Saturday 31st Beware the demon seed


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