February 1999

Love is, after all, the gift of oneself. - Jean Anouilh



Monday February 1st.             White Rabbits (Choking on my own anger)

Tuesday February 2nd.            Unwilling participant

Wednesday February 3rd.           I should take my own advice

Thursday February 4th.           Introspection Uprising

Friday February 5th.           Preparation for participation

Saturday February 6th.           Time to myself, time to think

Monday February 8th.           Flag Day?

Tuesday February 9th.           Cracking the preconceptions

Wednesday February 10th.           Destiny's two-step

Thursday February 11th.           Smiling Eyes

Friday February 12th.           Censorship

Sunday February 14th.           Happy Valentine's Day

Monday February 15th.           Distancing

Tuesday February 16th.           Becoming

Friday February 19th.           Hesitation

Saturday February 20th.           Happy Birthday To Me

Monday February 22nd.           Ghost town

Tuesday February 23rd.           Technocrap

Wednesday February 24th.           Dead fish and car crashes

Friday February 26th.           Chicken Caesars and car crashes

Saturday February 27th.           In search of distraction

Sunday February 28th.           Anti-climax



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