June 2, 1999

The right to remain silent

Ok, so maybe, just maybe I got a little carried away.

I was in full battledress when I left the house. Attitude like a peacock's plume, a T-shirt tight enough to make me self-conscious (and therefore prone to defensive arrogance) and I was pumped, primed and ready for battle. There was no way I was going to let someone deflate me and reduce me to a pile of self-doubt. No way I was going to subject myself to my own barbs of war just because someone had got the better of me. There was going to be none of that!

I was tripped up by my own assumptions.

We had lunch, talked a little and agreed to talk some more. I didn't eat, I was too busy swallowing my pride and eating crow.

As for the less egotistical news, yesterday Branson fired Shane. This is very odd to me in a few ways, but then again, not too far from my own predictions of late. Not personally for Shane, but rather the fact that he is a part of a consultant firm that has been brought in to administer the network.

Bah, this isn't going well, I am rushing to get to bed in time and trying to chat on ICQ at the same time.

Long story short, I knew last night was ridiculous and was served a large helping of humility today.

Old sins cast long shadows.




Taken from July 1998, talking about my visit to Melissa in Naugatuck...

"We went for dinner and I was introduced to the delights of the deep fried onion which is something that I will never forget, and the SKORT. Please see my section on
"Things I absolutely cannot freaking stand" and you will understand my abhorration towards these fakes of the fashion world. We watched the Polio Monkeys on TV
and generally had a quiet time."



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