The Matterhorn, late afternoon from the patio of the restaurant.








March 1999

One. Monday. Didn't see this coming...
Two. Tuesday. Eventual victory
Four. Thursday. How's it all going to end?
Five. Friday. Sociability Unfurled
Eight. Monday. My own worst enemy
Nine. Tuesday. Asking for it
Eleven. Thursday. In sickness and in health
Twelve. Friday. Something beats nothing every time
Fifteen. Monday. The Singularity
Seventeen. Wednesday. Happy St. Paddy's Day
Nineteen. Friday. What flowers?
Twenty-Two. Monday. Chucking Phil
Twenty-Four. Wednesday. Again with the back?
Twenty-Five. Thursday. Heavily Sedated
Twenty-Six. Friday. Authors of Our Own Misfortunes
Twenty-Nine. Monday. Frog boilings
Thirty. Tuesday. Emotional Rodeo
Thirty-One. Wednesday. Unrecognizable


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