Gray Matter

The unexamined life is not worth living...
- Socrates.

Make me laugh make me cry in pain,
Baby just don't try to disengage me...
-Ani DiFranco


January 1999

The Truth Is Out There Welcome home, your girlfriend is cheating

February 1999

Nightmare's Beginning Mariska and I are over. To date again? Me??

March 1999

Pain in many forms Mariska didn't go. Craig did. MRI and CAT.

April 1999

Meeting Myself Whiskey. Denver shootings.

May 1999

Curiosity Awakens Andree? Stairmaster Girl.

June 1999

Welcome To Jeep Country Dating at the hospital. Jess* emerges.

July 1999

Resurgent Sociability Lynne's Wedding. Whiskey closed.

August 1999

Last Day's Redemption NY Trip. XX troubles. Dreams and reality.

September 1999

Cloud 9 or thereabouts Homecoming. D and I starting. Gord and Fiz

October 1999

House Hunting Still Sucks House hunting. Halloween. Sibling rivalry?

November 1999

Cast out once more End of D. Work gets crazy. Weight success.

December 1999

It's the end of the world as we know it. Y2K obsession. Jenny? Erin's guest.



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