IV Monday Back to School Once again, lamenting times gone by
V Tuesday Finally, technology Bring me my stuff and get out!
IX Saturday Stepping Forth Kiss me you fool... No, wait, kiss her...
X Sunday Just one of those days Three acts of weirdness in one day???
XI Monday Losing my crown Never trust a guy behind a mask
XII Tuesday All Request Hour Censorship is such an ugly act of revenge
XIII Wednesday Fondling My Stitches Writing because there's nothing else to do
XVII Sunday Gold There are pictures, so be patient. I do the O thing too.
XX Wednesday They are everywhere I feel deja vu... H.I.C. Nothing like 'em. I have used that title before, haven't I? More pictures...Her name, Francesca Piccinini
XXV Monday Just Shoot Me (Up) Kettle, this is pot. Pot, kettle.
XXIX Friday Fat People Drive Buicks Where the author gets carried away on his high horse...