Gray Matter

The unexamined life is not worth living...
- Socrates.

Make me laugh make me cry in pain,
Baby just don't try to disengage me...
-Ani DiFranco


January 2000

Somebody unwind me, please! Swiss trip. Y2What? New network. Jenny?

February 2000

Indecisive Action, Decisive Indecision Losing My Emotions, Jenny and I take a break, No VD, No 32.

March 2000

Axe falling. New house, new direction. Jenny no more. Closet time loses me sleep... Box me in!

April 2000

All work and no play... This is what they pay me for... Closet after Closet

May 2000

Ich Habe Nichts Gesagt... Silence is golden... Mum and Dad here, Miss G arrives (again)

June 2000

Finally out of the closet (and into the fire)! Miss G and Jenny 2... RIP.
Happy Birthday to Me!! Should I just stay single for a while???
Back and sinking my teeth in Sorting out the home front. Electronics hate me.
My teeth hurt

Widening my social circle. Out to date once more... If I could find someone.

Finally fall, my favourite OK, having trouble with the circle.
Apparently electronics really do hate me. Christmas party season is on the way. My luck always improves in fall.
Y2K? What was the big deal anyway?. Call me crazy, but dress me up, take me out and I'll dance. Who knew?

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